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... It may be that the excellent guns are grey park and the good are the re-b1lued ones ... 

the shivering 

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annihilate has our song forest kant
katharsis by traction has our song  rushhour
k by kooma has music made by grey park
theosis by mfx has a soundtrack which is a remix of a song by grey park


tripboat a video by nosfe
...and capitalism brought us peace a video by nosfe with grey park sounds
rushhour a video made by nosfe
10924m.mp4 (video made by nosfe)
tanssi.avi (video made by basse

to this date some people believe that there is no 
Illuminati he read over and over
His work had always been based on the symbolic equivalent of fossils documents and historical hearsay
but this image before him was today.

In an atomic war, all men will be cremated equal


So desiring two ends, he obtained neither.
The Horse and the Stag
AT ONE TIME the Horse had the plain entirely to himself. Then a
Stag intruded into his domain and shared his pasture. The Horse,
desiring to revenge himself on the stranger, asked a man if he
were willing to help him in punishing the Stag. The man replied
that if the Horse would receive a bit in his mouth and agree to
carry him, he would contrive effective weapons against the Stag.
The Horse consented and allowed the man to mount him. From that
hour he found that instead of obtaining revenge on the Stag, he
had enslaved himself to the service of man.
The Kid and the Wolf
A KID, returning without protection from the pasture, was pursued