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heliosis cover heliosis / severe heliosis 7" a longly waited (by ourselves, that means!) first vinyl release from us.
ltd. 200 copies.
released by planned confusion
here by lovely kmy
review by necroweb
tv said something also
the Wire also put out a few kind words moskiittosaid this hard and obscure
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tape cover picture is pretty isn't it? #1
30 copies of each tape were made 15-20min/tape some copies of the third one left check the shop. all tapes feature same outside sleevedesign
check out some tracks:
from tape #1 spike's tone
from tape #2 big in japan
from tape #2 mormon bride
from tape #3 think space, act local
read a review of tape #3 from prospekt
all the time in the word cover ALL THE TIME IN THE WORD (released by kaoskontrol, 2000) read a praising review from Freak Animal
grey park/clay figure sleeve CLAY FIGURE/GREYPARK splittape (released by herkät kelat, 2001)
check out this track: oral oral
read a review from just glittering
on compilation tapes:
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shouting or using any or other instrument cover SHOUTING OR USING ANY OR OTHER INSTRUMENT: #1 and #3 both released by any or other tapes: po box 5615 w. mersea c05 8fd england (this address doesn't seem to work anymore, anyone know one that would work?)
#3: mark sonnenfeld, deathsquad, j.maddock, yogurt trash, insomnia, colin cross and frank moore, giovanni moro & teresa cockran, grey park
members ov sonic cults MEMBERS OV SONIC CULTS (released by negative foundation, 1997)
noval dream, vyöhyke, 1W, peel, janko, krul' albanskaj, cold once truning dust & grey park
one way ONE WAY released by stained sheets records, 2006
lasse ekstrand, norvargr, goto 80, institut, grey park, empty, crank sturgeon
OBS: theres sinuswave running through the tape & during the tracks from the beginning to the end. yep, its odd. very very odd.
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learning to undo the cover I'M LEARNING TO UNDO THE MAGIC CRAP THAT COVERS UP THE HIGHER HEAVENS OF MAGICAL BEAUTY (selfreleased, 2000) our most selling record that also has most varying music in it. read a review from Toinen Vaihtoehto read a review from just glittering read a review by sztuka fabryka read a review by verdurarecords
new word order NEW WORD ORDER (released by art fuck productions, 2001) art fuck productions seems to have disappeared, so i guess this is sold out then?
check out the track called moat house
and also 'they look god in stripes is available
to give you more than you want, here's hey
koneisto on perseestä AKONEISTORELATEDCDRELEASE or the PASKAT FESTARIT CDR (selfreleased, 2002) (first 23 copies: 8 "songs" selected from two "rehearsals" held at home before koneisto gig/performance/whatever second 33: same as before + the actual koneisto performance minus last 5/7 minutes. confusing?)
postoffice on kökkö Kid Stereopsis aforementioned "koneistorelatedcdrelease" cdr was released through UK´s postofficerecords under the name "kid stereopsis". it's now deleted.
free tracks:
1. kid stereopsis
2. rushhour
yuriyurigasolin YURI GASOLIN THE ODYSSEY (selfreleased, 2003) a joyrney in space with yuri gasolin. recorded while planning our set for live #5. this cdr is limited to 69 copies. sold out.
agenteille A PREPARATORY COURSE FOR AGENTS GOING ABROAD 3" cdr (267 lattajjaa, 2003) three songs done in different times with different people. rewiewby jewelled antler broken face says this and here's some words from blastitude also diletantes digest wrote something and here's a word by womblife oh and idwal fisher also said something
2xlabasLive at La-Bas an edition of 24 copies were made to be sold in germany during easter 2004, bigger edition will be done when the final artwork is finished. two tracks, two gigs at club la-bas.
UPDATE 2nd edition with new covers now done!
a review by KMY
review by necroweb
tv said something also
dilettantes digest said this
gradient descent of my collective mind GRADIENT DESCENT OF MY COLLECTIVE MIND was to be released by nature tape limb if anyone sees a copy, let us know.
UPDATE: we have now made an edition of this by ourselves. ask if you want to buy one.
review by kmy
review by necroweb
tv said something also
worms worms worms or words? worms are little creatures that work for the black sun released in july 2004 by digitalis records a review by KMY
and something by womblife
dilettantes digest said this
more courses for agents courses I-V for agents abroad released in january 2006 by 267 lattajjaa
noscanyet thirtymillionfiftytwothousandandsix released in july 2006 by planned confusion
on compilation CDRs:
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halogen ball HALOGEN BALL (released by negative foundation, 1999)
MNEM, alchhemy of 20th century, dieter müh & grey park
ooooooooooooopsis OOOOOPS COKISH (released by 267 lattajaa, 2002) a collection by members of ooooo mailing list.
mother goose, can can heads, the blubberheads, september sounds, aïr, ilai, pillupuhelin, platypus, parafin affiliates, unidentified sound objects, hard-boiled truck drivers, clay figure, jolie, lörsson, murha murha itsemurha, o samuli a, space rocket, sienikeitto, grey park, suction cup genitals, apo, arkham, planet kengraij, agnosia, gelsomina, haare, insight, toni kandelin, mother goose
tididiii kevät on 
vallaton TIDIDII TIDIDII TIDIDIIDIDII - A 267 LATTAJJAA COMPILATION (released 2003) this compilation is a double cdr with a shitload of good finnish bands, we recommend it warmly.
di maissintähkä, uton, avarus, grey park, pylon, braspyreet, ilmastointilaitteita, michael knight ensemble, ever had, verde, can can heads, rakennustuhkaa, o samuli a, ektroverde, slaughterhouse quintet, aïr, plat ypus, duhex, a shallow conspiracy, syöttöteho, agnosia, 1in10, blubberheads, drakes medicine, bob of america, matula, kroko, short eyes, skullpture, massacesi, karvaiset orjuuttajat, luu, lalla khard, sonic temple assassins, kiva, testicles, murha murha itsemurha, fun, maaginen teatteri, in-walked blank, john strobo, kvantti, no scene, baby sweetcorn, kilometritehdas
heppa koni varsa 267 purkkia liimaa - a 267 lattajjaa compilation another compilation released by 267 lattajjaa
lörsson, avarus, plat ypus, grey park, rakennustuhkaa, pylon, kemialliset ystävät, bunsenlamppu, braspyreet, kukkiva poliisi, di maissintähkä, futurians, tivol, the buried civilizations, kulkija, rauhan orkesteri, pekko käppi, aïr, keijo, the franciscan hobbies, sonic temple assassins, agnosia, lamppukello, o samuli a, can can heads, vapaa, uton, clay figure
a review
drones since dawn of time Drones Since The Dawn Of Time - Musically Incorrect compilation vol.4 released in august 2005 by musically incorrect records. our track is called "1hundred yrs old".
skullpture, flutwacht, am, half mile down, crossbred and grey park.
review by kmy review by introspect
kanoi ja hanoi Kanoja, Myös Hanoja another compilation by 267 lattajjaa
our track is called 06.
bands: robert horton, the grand hotel, particles collect, ben reynolds and alex neilson, vapaa, grey park, o samuli a, hans grüsel's krankenkabinet, pefkin, hannu karjalainen, felipe+forte, pumice, leafy green, sean òg, western automatic, rameses III, zelienople
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älä tapa valonlähteit ONE SHOULD NOT KILL THE LIGHT SOURCE FOR IF THEY DIE THE EVIL ONES DIE (selfreleased, 2001) ..on minidisk becz of the length of the thing: 2 hours and 30 minutes. 2 series of 20 copies were made, with extremely nice looking covers painted by basse none left at this time.. if enough (one is plenty, man) people are interested maybe we can do some more.. read a review by verdurarecords also a review by duheikki
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nothump JOMAS volume 001 a 2dvd +1 cd collection released by Outside Circle Collective includes the video for our song 10924m from album Gradient descent of my collective mind, made by nosfe
thumb title description reviews
pay to prey released on mp3 label EnoughRecords in july 2006. review