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greetings from USA as they can be found from a dumpster behind a grocery
store in northern helsinki in the middle of the night during the winter
of 2004, aka. pennies from hell.

Johnny Pesto of Inbred Retards & Hetero Skeleton & Ar & homespun & scallop fame sez:
"i like to listen these records very silently"

laughed aloud and said, It may be all as you say, I only know AN ASS feeding in a meadow saw a Wolf approaching to seize him,

records for sale:

email snobonus (at)  for business.

paypal also can do now.

 Horseback riding, fishing, mountain biking, river rafting, 
 hiking and canoeing into the local wilderness 
 are all part of the ranch's daily summer routine. 
 In the winter the most popular activities are dog-sledding, 
 snowmobiling, snowshoeing and wildlife viewing. 
 Your skilled guide will lead you to adventures on remote mountains, 
 valleys and lakes in a setting as spectacular as it is challenging.