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kylänevantie 16 e 80

"Sometimes, specifically between the months of November and April, our beautiful
lakefront is less than inviting. The crashing waves, the miles of ice blocks
and, most significantly, the raging wind make the banks of Lake Michigan a
less-than-ideal place to evade the hustle of city life. But that doesn't
eliminate the need for a small, green spot in the midst of nature to gather our
thoughts from time to time. At the Main Street L, Lake Michigan's wintertime
pinch hitter is Grey Park. Surrounded by old apartment buildings and large
houses, Grey Park is a quiet area just a quarter-mile from the L. 
A somewhat small patch of unpaved land, Grey Park doesn't have the natural
beauty or traditional popularity of the lakefront, but its enormous trees and
relative seclusion are more than enough to lull you into a serene state of
mind. Located just steps from the Main Street shopping district, it makes a
good place to park your shopping bags and rear end to reflect on all the new
stuff you just purchased. Grey Park has benches, a jungle gym and occasional
dog-walkers, but you won't find yourself competing with other pedestrians for
room to breathe. Most importantly, it offers an often-needed respite from the
cruel elements of a wintertime Lake Michigan." (Patrick Corcoran) 

Gray Park owes its origin to the 142 m free-falling Helmcken Falls.