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future public humiliations:

contact us if you have a gig for us.
pay our gas and food and give as a place to sleep, and we'll travel nearly _anywhere_.

public humiliations:

first live on friday 13.11.1998 at The School of Rudolf Steiner
with:tuomas, igu, plaa, nosfe

second live on satrday 20.10.2001 at club La-bas
with:tuomas, artist formerly known as penis symbol (and lately known as el PO), plaa, nosfe
others:oblivia, tiina tietäväinen, voima, suvi korhonen, nosfe
audio+video bg at youtube

third live on friday 26.07.2002 at La-bas during koneisto-festival 
(don't check out the koneisto festivals link, their site is full of 
crappy looking flash and most stupid sounds ever)
with:plaa, nosfe, tommi
giuseppe rapisarda, tanja koistila, outi parviainen, lauri luhta,
tanssiva raja, no i ain´t, jacob´s ladder, captain heroin, pnmf!,
voimavirta, nasal snax, pessi parviainen

fourth live on friday 10.01.2003 at, gloria 
with: plaa, tuomas, tommi, nosfe, rusakko
kokeellisen elektroniikan seura, folio, da jormas, juhani, 
bass cadet, die rebels, morlokkiarmeija, merryrastila hardcorps

fifth live on saturday 05.04.2003 at line-in media art happening,
taideokoulu maa, suomenlinna
with: plaa, nosfe, tommi
uso, ...???

sixth live on saturday 09.08.2003 at La-bas in Keksi, Panimo, Lahti 
with: plaa, nosfe, tommi
chainsmoker, hannu elenius, katri kainulainen, tanja kangas, 
essi kausalainen, lauri luhta, irma optimisti, pleasures and days

seventh live on  saturday 4.10.2003 at La-bas/kaapelitehdas in "HORROS - 
Tasaisen äänen tapahtuma" w/: nosfe, tommi, plaa
gm4, lost weight, lauri luhta, rihmasto, unihäiriö

eight live on sunday 26.10.2003 at Logischer Garten, Koetila, Helsinki
with: tommi, nosfe, plaa, viiu, lauri

ninth live on thursday 26.8.04 / huminaklubi at Happihuone, Töölönlahti, Helsinki
w/: tommi, nosfe, plaa, jaakko
waldlust, lauri luhta 

tenth live on sunday 13.12.04 / lumo at KokoTeatteri, Helsinki
w/: plaa, tommi, nosfe
toshihiro koike, halldor ulfarson

eleventh live on tuesday 25.1.05 / The Aula Gallery of Academy of Fine Arts, Helsinki
w/: nosfe, plaa, tommi

12th live on wednesday 11.05.05 / Happihuone, töölönlahti/helsinki
during "the dumpster diving exhibition" (tapes & decks used obtained from trashcans) 
w/: nosfe, plaa, tommi 

13th (wow!) live on friday 01.07.05 / the gallery of the academy of fine arts /
during the opening of halldor ulfarsson's exhibition / helsinki
w/: tommi, plaa, nosfe

14th live on saturday 24.09.05 / 4'33'' of Sound: Abstracts of Audio Art / kaiku galleria / helsinki
w/: daddy plaa, tommi, nosfe
amanita phalloides, experimental electronics association, 
gm4, petri kuljuntausta, lauri luhta, pink twins, rihmasto, rulla

15h live on thursday 23.02.06  / a radio special at radio ubik
w/: tommi, nosfe, plaa

16th live on saturday 25.02.06  / maa-tila / helsinki 
w:/ plaa, nosfe, tommi
anla courtis, uton

17th live on saturday 18.03.06  / vt-club / helsinki
sadkarma, no xivic, nocore, shemale shepherds, rulla, squid rose

18th live on friday 2.6.06 / poleeni / sähköjänis kaksi / pieksämäki
videovalvontaa, toiminto, lovex, gotham o.d., jyvät

19th live on saturday 08.07.06 / maa-tila / helsinki
Halldor Ulfarsson, Jari Pitkänen, Bastards of Consciousness

20th live on saturday 12.08.06 / Happihuone, töölönlahti/helsinki
ilmo&ilmonen, jari pitkänen, bon jarno

21st live on saturday 09.12.06 / potlatch at koko-theatre, helsinki
w: plaa, nosfe, tommi
antony milton, peter wright

#22 live on saturday 05.05.07 /la-bas: hyper center - performance and its discontents, pannuhalli, helsinki
w: plaa, nosfe, tommi, teuvo a
rihmasto, irma optimist, tanya mars, hyon-joo min, 3rd side specific, 
annette arlander... + many many more that i dont remember
pics taken by anssi salakka:
1 2 3 

23rd live on friday 17.08.07 - saturday 18.06.07 / Happihuone, helsinki
an special affair of one 23 hour long improvised piece of drone, eerie
ambient, abstract lo-fi noise etc. to celebrate grey park´s 10 year existence
/w: plaa, nosfe, tommi, llare, mr. left, 3 persons from association of
experimental electronics & one unknown visitor with sunglasses somewhere
in the middle of the night way after all the bars have closed
others: teuvo ahokas, inbred retards, two russian street musicians

24th live on saturday 08.09.07 / H.Haahti´s birthday party at Ljungars, Härkäpää
w: plaa, tommi
mc varis, greippi, sid barret, janne laurila, samuel meri

25th live on saturday 08.12.07 / gallery välivuosi, helsinki
w: plaa, tommi, nosfe
others: lauri kivelä, saana lähteenmäki, täydellisyys, kristina junttila, suvi parilla 
+ videos by linda arola & pilvari pirtola

26th live on friday 08.02.08 / FAFA gallery, helsinki
w: plaa, tommi, nosfe
pics taken by anssi salakka:
1 2 3

27th live on tuesday 01.04.08 / oudot hedelmät club at bar factory,
hkiw: plaa, tommi, nosfe
others: taneli tuominen, 20000Hz, liito-orava 99+ merten kauhu
(performance) and sara pathirane (dance)

28th live on friday 06.06.08  at "icons08" kaapelitehdas, helsinki
w: plaa, tommi, nosfe
others: speedhawk vs. riktronik, Roz/RNO, Gr/wÄMMÄ and malakai
somepics:1   4 6

29th live on tuesday 09.09.08 at la-bas, kaapelitehdas hki
w: plaa, tommi, nosfe
others: markku löytyoja, yrjänä sauros, adachi tomomi,
jone takamäki and täydellisyys
video: 1  

30th live on tuesday 27.10.08 in a cellar of a nameless gallery at töölö,helsinki
w: plaa, nosfe, tommi, bon  jarno
others: kosmoplovci+ps,inward

31st live on saturday 8.11.8. Là - bas Performance Focus La matinèe at the seminar space of kiasma, helsinki
others: mark ward,irma optimisti,elina hartzeil, culture crisis 
management, linda granfors&aura hakuri, essi kausalainen, karolina 
kucia&tero nauha, steve pedersen, täydellisyys,koelse,ic-98

#32 live on thu 13.11.8 at arabian library, helsinki

#33 live on sat 22.11.2008 at vaihtolava, kallio/helsinki
w:plaa, nosfe, tommi
others: nuslux, 3V, kheta hotem, two who, tuomas palonen, bat tarbet and samuel meri

34th live on saturday 24.01.2009 at pitkämies shop, helsinki
w:plaa, nosfe, tommi

35th live on saturday 24.01.2009 at mielikuvia 2, jyväskylä
w: tommi, nosfe, plaa & bon jarno
others: bon jarno, kulkija, 3v, puiset heilat, boris morgana, mensch und kosmos, zoät-aon, keränen

36th live on friday 27.01.2009 at Experimental Evening VI, Kuvataideakatemia, Helsinki
w: nosfe,tommi,plaa
others:Pessi Parviainen & Gregoire Rousseau DUO set

37th live on tuesday 16.06.2009 at Silakkaradio
w: tommi,nosfe,plaa
listen to the whole show online

38th live on sunday 25.04.2010 at La-Bas Biennale in seminar room of kiasma, helsinki
w: tommi,nosfe,plaa,re-clip,bon jarno
information: it was a special 2 hour set

39th live on satyrday 14.08.2010 at Flow festival, helsinki
w: tommi,nosfe,plaa,re-clip,bon jarno
visuals: ville
others: taco bells, lau  nau, ona kamu
short clips from all acts of the day here shot by Shinji Kanki
full set on video

40th live on thu 09.09.2010 at EAST gallery, tallinn, EE
w:ith: pla, nosfe, tommi, bon jarno, re-clip
others:miss and meat waits, villem

#41 live on fri 10.09.2010 at club XI20, vilnius, LT
with: pla, nosfe, tommi, bon jarno, re-clip
others: terralienus, surdr

#42 live on sat 11.09.2010 at terra-x, kaunas, LT
with: pla, nosfe, tommi, bon jarno, re-clip
others: ramuno jaro grupe, tobias faar
video of ramuno jaro groupe & grey park concerts

#43 live on fri 19.11.2010 at dear beloved henry´s birthday parrty in 
olohuone @ finnish academy of fine arts, helsinki
with: pla, nosfe, tommi, bon jarno, re-clip
visuals: ville
others: cleavage, dear beloved henry

#44 live on sat 11.12.2010 at 7th it's All In Your Mind - Experimental music happening @ ptarmigan, helsinki
with: pla, nosfe, tommi, re-clip
visuals: ville
others: olimpia splendid, varropas, pylon, vapaa,  fallen pedestrian

#45 live on sun 6.2.2011 at myymälä 2 / helsinki
w: plaa, nosfe, tommi 
visuals: ville + markus
others: novoe tsarstvo, varropas
full set on video
gig poster

#46 live on sun 15.04.2011 at AAVE festival @ malmitalo, helsinki
w: plaa, nosfe, tommi, re-clip
visuals: ville + ari
others: dieter müh

#47 live on fri at 14.10.2011, myymälä2, helsinki
w: plaa, nosfe, tommi
others: banana pill, vola

#48 live on fri at 4.5.2012, lähiradio 100.3mhz, DREAM HOUSE on air
w: plaa, nosfe, tommi
others: Filipe .ps. Cruz feat & The Antti Jädertpolm Quartet, 
Always Safe And Sound, Sirpa Jokinen and Cleavage

#49 live on tue 29.01.2013 at ELDORAdo club in magneetti pub, helsinki
w: plaa, nosfe, tommi
others: jan borno, grmmsk
the poster 

#50 live on sun at 23.2.2013 @ lähiradio 100.3mhz / AAVEMAA program
w: plaa, nosfe
promo pic
listen to the show here and look like us
info: live-section was about 10 minutes long

#51 live on staurday 21.10.2013 @ sorbus-gallery, helsinki fin
w: plaa, nosfe, tommi
 others: dear beloved henry, shit mittens, syntsajamit

#52 live on friday 6.2.2015 @ skågsalofest, helsinki
w: plaa, tommi, nosfe
others: hono & lulu, j. paaso, myttys, liskot, a. borisov +

#53 live on thursday 13.4.2017 @ Exhibition Laboratory, helsinki, during Proposition for waiting for the future
others: video station and MUCUS

Grey park look the same And the days are pale I never thought it would rain this way I should be knowing that, 
it used to be me Let's stay here for a while Is something gonna happen today? Your smile has decayed ...

When it comes to corporate identity Creativity is vastly important.

in 1949 we need to get in 1953 you are stupid

and if you ??????